The CH2O formalization of ISO C11

By Robbert Krebbers, ICIS, Radboud University Nijmegen

This is an ongoing development. If you are looking for the Coq sources corresponding to specific papers, take a look here.


The CH2O project aims at formalizing novel features of the ISO C11 standard of the C programming language. CH2O provides an operational, executable, and axiomatic semantics for a significant fragment of C11.

Our recent paper A Typed C11 Semantics for Interactive Theorem Proving at CPP 2015 gives a good overview of the CH2O project.


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    Awarded best student contribution.
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The most recent version of the Coq source code of this development can be downloaded here. Use:

  scons -j [num cores]

to compile the development. This yields an executable called ch2o that can be used to test the CH2O semantics against actual C source files.

Table of contents


Finite maps

Type system and integers

Permissions and separation algebras

Memory model

Operational semantics


Executable semantics

Separation logic