Robbert Krebbers


Robbert I am a (tenured) assistant professor at the department of software science at Radboud University Nijmegen. My research interests span many aspects of programming languages and program verification, for example:

I have received my PhD (cum laude) from Radboud University Nijmegen (2011-2015), have been a postdoc in the logic and semantics group at Aarhus University (2015-2016), and a (tenure-track) assistant professor in the programming languages group at Delft University of Technology (2016-2020).


Professional service

ESOP'21 (PC), FSCD'21 (PC), ICFP'20 (PC), PLMW'20 (co-chair), CoqPL'20 (co-chair), PLNL'19 (PC), Iris Workshop'19 (co-chair), Workshop "Static Analysis Meets Program Logics" (co-chair), CoqPL'19 (co-chair), POPL'19 (PC), PLNL'18 (co-chair), HOPE'17 (PC), POPL'17 (ERC + AEC), CPP'17 (PC), Coq Workshop'16 (PC).

Research group

Current PhD students:



Email: (λ x y . mail @ x y . nl) robbert krebbers

Office: working from home due to covid

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Dr. Robbert Krebbers
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